Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lesson 17 Insert Menu

After looking atOffice button and Home menu, the next lessons will be how to use in insert menu if your missed the previous lesson on Office button you can go back to it and learn more here (will insert code to direct user to the Office button page)

With the Insert Menu you will be able to perform so many activity, including picture editing, Working with Clip Arts, Cover Pages, Tables, Shape, Smart Art, Chart, Hyperlink, Bookmark, Cross-Reference, Header and Footer, Page numbering, TextBox, Quickparts, WordArd, Drop Cap, Signature, Date and Time, Object Equation and Symbols

In the figure above show you how Insert Menu look like, which is of quite contrast from other previous Microsoft Office Word application. All the components of the Insert Menu Will be explained separately in the chapters that follows.

Remember that what you gained from the other two previous chapters will help you to work with the Insert Menu, so keep on refreshing your memory with previous lessons you learned about Microsoft Office word 2007
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