Friday, December 26, 2008

Lesson 5: Open Button

You have already created your Microsoft Office Word 2007 document, saved your work and close the computer but you would still come back to edit and format the document, you will have to open the document from the media or folder you had saved it in. The open button not only allows you to open your current work but you have the ability to open work that were saved long time ago.

To open your file, click on the office button, from the Microsoft Office Word 2007 button drop down menu, click on Open which will bring you the Open Dialogue box as above in figure 5. On your left of the Open window click on the folder in which the document was saved, and click on the exact file on the right of the Open Dialogue window, Click on Open and this will bring your document on the active window page or click on cancel to stop this operation altogether place where your cursor is.

Lesson 4: New Button

You have now opened Microsoft Office Word 2007, click on the Office button, on the drop down menu that appears click on New icon, this will opened a new button dialogue box that’s appears.

On the Template column of the New Document, click on Blank and recent tab, this will open Blank and Recent Column just as you can see in figure 4 above. In the Blank and Recent column you will get Blank document to create a new word document and a New blog post which allows you to create a blog from Microsoft Office Word 2007.

From the template column you are able to choose Installed Templates this will give you a number of already installed templates to choose from, the is also My Templates which allows you to create your own personalized templates. New from existing – allows you to choose from already saved templates on your hard disc, Microsoft Office Online allows you to choose from online templates other items on the templates includes; featured, Agendas, Award Certificates, Brochures, Business Cards, Calendars, Contacts, Envelopes, Faxes, Fliers, Forms, Gift Certificates, Greeting cards, Invitations, Invoices, Label, Letters, Lists, Memos, minutes, Newsletters, Plans, Planners, Post Cards, Purchase Order, Receipts, Resumes, Schedules, Statements, Stationery, Timesheets and many more
After you have selected blank document, click on create button on the New Dialogue box to create a New Microsoft Office Word 2007, or click on the Cancel button to stop creating a new Word 2007 Blank document

Lesson 3: Office Button

On the menu bar tab, click on the office button icon, to open button drop down menu, which has got the following features

a) New – This opens a new Microsoft page

b) Open – This will open the existing files and folders

c) Convert – This will revert the document to earlier version i.e. if you saved your documents to be convertible with 97-2003, then clicking on this dialogue box will change it to Microsoft 2007 version

d) Save, Save As – enables you to store your documents either on removable disks or fixed disk

e) Print – helps print the document on the hard copy i.e. paper

f) Prepare – enables you perform functions such as document editing, check documents for errors, document encryption, adding a digital signature, can make read only and Check if it is compatible with other formats

g) Send – Can send your document to internet, email and Bluetooth

h) Publish – Publish as a final document

i) Close – to exit your document Working Window

NB: In the sub sequent chapters I have explained all the above office menu in details and I hope you will find them useful

Lesson 2: Running Microsoft 2007

Starting Microsoft Word 2007 is no different from other application programs
To start Microsoft word 2007,

1. Click on the start button – if this your first time on using a computer the note that start button is at the bottom left of the screen, written start with Microsoft Word icon. This will open start up menu which has the following menus email, internet, windows media player as you can see in the screenshot above

2. Click on all programs, the first sub menu that appears on the start button menu. This will open program menu, with all programs listed as you can see on the screen short above

3. After All Programs menu appear click on Microsoft Office, this will open Microsoft Office suit programs, which includes the following programs Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft Access 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Publisher 2007, Microsoft Office Tools and Activation Assistant for Microsoft Office

NB: With Microsoft Word 2007 will be able to create letters both official and non officials, papers, reports during meetings

Click Microsoft Office Word 2007 to open a blank working window. Follow the procedure as indicated in figure 2 to run Microsoft Office Word 2007

Tip: Click on command prompt, type WinWord to open Microsoft word

Lesson 1: Overview of Microsoft Word

What is Microsoft Word: - It refers to application Software which allows an individual to perform basic word typing, editing, formatting and printing onto a hard copy. Other earlier application Software which performed the same function as Microsoft Word 2007 but with limited features include

• Notepad
• WordPad

Those were the most used text editing Application programs, which of to date are still available but with limited use. With Microsoft Word is a text editor that will give you what you input through the keyboard, whether right or wrong hence What You See Is What You Get (WYSISYG). After inputting your text and picture through any input channel including keyboard, you have to edit, format your document. Earlier version of Microsoft Word was Word97-2003.
Microsoft Word has got working window, menu bar and icons which helps an individual to navigate through the document while making any necessary changes to the document.
Figure 1. Microsoft Office Word 2007 Window

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