Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lesson 14 :Indent, Line Spacing, Shading, Border, Sort

Indent: Gives you the ability to start a paragraph at any given level from the page margin, if you choose to start your paragraph in the middle of the page you can indent so that the cursor can move to the spot where you want to start your paragraph. To indent click on the indent icon on the tool bar, this will move your paragraph to either left or right depending which indent icon you chose
Line spacing: allows to determine the kind of spacing you want in between your paragraph, you can either choose on single, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5. to line space click select the sentence, by either double clicking or click, hold and drag the mouse on the sentence, on the tool bar select line spacing icon which has two like arrows with one facing up and the other facing down

Shading – Allows you to apply a background color on your text, take note that shading does not change the font color but only the background color. To shade your text select the text, click on the shade icon on the tool bar, select the color of your choice as shown on figure 14 above

Border: This a allows you to create a border for your text, as shown on the diagram above

Sort: Will help you arrange your work in an orderly manner, you decide to arrange you data in ascending order, or descending which makes it easy to sort out any data you are dealing with. Figure 14 explain how these functions can be applied.
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