Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lesson 16: Office Button, Home Short Keys

Our last lesson on Home Menu end with some Short Cuts that you can use and are discuss below
To Use the short cut keys, press Ctrl button while holding the button press on the letter
Ctrl +N – opens a new word document page
Ctrl + O – Opens a folder Dialogue Box
Ctrl + V – Performs a Paste function
Ctrl+ S – Open Save As dialogue box, or Save your document if you had saved it earlier
Ctrl+ A – Select all text in the document, if you want to copy paste
Ctrl + P – Open the Print Dialogue Box
Ctrl + E – Align your text to the Center or from Center to left Align
Ctrl + L – Left Alignment
Ctrl + R – Right Alignment
Ctrl + J – Justify your paragraph
Ctrl + D – Opens the Font dialogue box
Ctrl + U – Underline and un underlined a selected text
Ctrl + I – Makes your text letter italic
Ctrl + B – Bolds your texts
Ctrl + Z – Undo function
Ctrl + Y – Can’t Repeat typing
Ctrl + > - Grow the select font
Ctrl + < - Shrink the selected font
Ctrl += - Makes highlighted Text a subscript
Ctrl ++ - Makes a highlighted text s superscript
Ctrl +Shift + F – Opens a font face dialogue Box
Ctrl + Shift + P – Opens a font face dialogue Box
Ctrl + F – Opens Find and Replace Dialogue Box
Ctrl + H – Opens Find and Replace Dialogue Box


Lesson 15 will help youFont Style, Find, Replace
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