Monday, February 8, 2016

What are the Uses of Computers Today

Main Computer Uses
Computers perform many uses in our society today and almost all functions both private and public organization uses computer for one reason or the other. Initially tasks were performed manually but with the adventure of computing systems, tasks are being managed and accomplished much faster that ever imagined. Uses ranges from hospitality industry, security institutions, government institutions with household amounting to the larges uses of computers. Today they are being use in many places for different activities as described below.

Business and Financial Records
Payroll records, accounts, inventory format commonly used to display the data in columns e.g. ledger and balance sheet known as spreadsheet. To perform the following tasks
  1. To calculate, check and display their financial data which are easy to read
  2. To experiment with alternative business strategies e.g. affect of wholesale change margins would be on your profits, thus very simple to evaluate the financial impact of such a change
Writing and Editing
Word processing software gives solution to erase making changes to content of materials, making duplicate copies for business and personal correspondence. Word processing is alternative to typewriting but here words appear on screen this can correct mistakes by inserting, moving words down and up as well as spell checking and eventually printing when you are satisfied with your work

Desktop PublishingDesktop publishing uses a more advanced word processing. Allows for more creative writing and page design and also enable achievement of results look professional. Through desktop publish companies are able to produce newsletters, adverts, small books etc. equipped Computer print documents in several different sizes with different typefaces and styles i.e. italics, bold face or superscript. Can reproduce photographs. One can compose, edit and modify each page as much as one wishes

Storage and RetrievalThey are used for storage of information for future use. Good memory can retain information in enormous quantities known as database. You can use database to sort information in whatever form. They stores data in different technologies including CD/DVD, Magnetic tapes backups, off line server among others 

Drafting and Drawing: 
Uses of small Computers with aided design or CAD, software for drawing with architecture to help them with their daily activities. Before drawing were done manually but with the coming of new technologies, things have changed and more work is being done within a short time

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