Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Causes of Ethical Issues in Computing Technology

Modern world if faced with a lot of challenges due to emerging technologies, as a result compromised on Technological usage is on the rise. There are so many factors why there is ethical issues related to information namely Increasing in Computer Accessibility The ratio of Computer to man in developing country is said to be improving and as a result most people are able to access computing facilities, many users from different backgrounds are capable of using Computer either for personal use or work related, but for ethical issues arising mostly from personal users whom under no supervision will do all manner of things including hacking, computer crime among others. Storage cost Decline Many people have access to storage medium where malicious programs are being saved and then propagated in many cyber networks, unlike before where only a few could purchase these storage devices for organizational use or for any personal work. Internet and Network Accessibility Network and internet have become so advanced that malicious users takes advantage while using these facilities, some are responsible while using internet and organization networks while some simply doesn’t care at all. We are always advised that when using Computers and related technological equipment either at an individual or organizational the society and individual must observed the following Responsibility Use technological equipment in a responsible manner, taking into account that any information or product arising from your activity you’re solely responsible, use a Computer in a manner that it doesn’t harm others and you can refer to the ten commandment of computing. Accountability A user will be held accountable be it at the personal level or organization level for the use of technological equipment; you should be able to account for your action and not blaming others. Liability Any misuse of Computer technology you will be liable for prosecution, whenever using a Computer remember that there are laws and regulation either by the organization or the government governing the use of Computers and related devices. Due Process Always follow due process set by organization whenever using Computers, organization have set of rules that we need to follow while accessing Computer.

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