Sunday, February 14, 2016

Factors to Consider When Selecting Network Topology

A topology refers to the characteristic of communication network, that concern both the physical configuration of the cabling used to interconnect communicating systems and the logical way in which system view the structure of the network which is either physical or logical arrangement of Computers

Below are factors to consider
Cost: Whatever transmission medium is chosen for a LAN it has to be physically installed in the building, this maybe a lengthy process involving the installation of cables and other devices through raceway. For a Network to be cause effective, one would strive to minimize installation cost. This may be achieved by using the proper hardware linking the cables, proper communication devices between the buildings, proper servers and minimizing the distance involved. All these devices will cost you money hence your budget will largely determined what type of Computer topology to adopt

Network Flexibility
One of the main benefits of a Local Area Network is its ability to have the data processing and peripheral nodes distributed around a given area; this means that the Computers, power and equipment can be located close to the ultimate users. Because the arrangement of furniture, internal walls etc in the office is often subject to change. Any topology should allow for easy reconfiguration and these involving moving existing devices including computers, servers etc and easy of adding new system. So flexibility will determine which type to go for

The topology chosen can help by allowing the location of the fault to be detected and provide some means of isolating fault. A system with easy of error detection and isolation will be much better than a topology that proves difficult to locate problems in the entire system

Networking Equipment
Topologies might slight differ from one another due to the installation equipment they will need, this is a factor that will influence what type of network topology to go for based on the availability of these items

Network Growth
A topology that have the ability for future  expansion will be necessary while consider the type of to adopt, future growth means more users within an organization leading to additional expansion of the topology, the easier to expand the chosen one the lesser cost will be incurred. So go for one that will help reduces cost during expansion and implementation

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