Thursday, February 4, 2016

Characteristics of Computer

We have so many machines in the market with different characteristics. Computers Characteristics vary and may depend on their functions and types. There are so many factors to consider while basing your features; some may be based on manufacture design among others. They are broadly characterized by following features. 

Speed is one of the characteristics/feature that one has to look at. A powerful and high performing desktop or any other brand is capable of performing about 3 to 4 million simple arithmetic operations per second. Unit of speed is measured in nanosecond (109) and even in picoseconds (102). Speed of processing data varies and depends on various components including processor speed, memory capacity to handle data

The accuracy should be consistently high and the degree of accuracy of a particular Computer depends upon its design. Accuracy may depend on both application and programming software. Other than accuracy on programs, Users also play a great role to ensure that what they feed into the Computer is not junk. As in application software name Microsoft Word, the acronym called (WYSIWYG) What You See Is What You Get, depend on whatever you key in your  program, and they will never correct any mistake or error done by Human beings

It is capable of performing almost any task provided that the task can be reduced to a series of logical steps. There are some Computers that will require additional aid to perform these tasks while others would be able to perform these tasks without additional help

Storage capacity
Different Computers comes with different storage capacity, ranging from 20GB to many hundreds GB, the bigger the storage space the more data it will handle. Having a larger storage space also help increase the speed of programs installed

Memory Size
The bigger the size the higher the speed, some programs will require high memory capacity to perform faster, with others slowing the speed if the memory capacity is too small. There are so many characteristics that you can check including the design, casing and the type of motherboard these Computers are using

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