Monday, February 8, 2016

Factors Affecting Computer Networks Growth

There are so many factors that have contributed either directly or indirectly to the growth, among them the emerging better networking technologies have forced organizations to either replace or improve the existing structure. The rapid expansions can be attributed to the following factors

Organization and Downsizing
Many organizations are downsizing their Computing from mini and mainframe to Micro Computers based networks. Downsizing refers to a process that enables organization to replace their traditional mini and mainframe operation with micro and modern technological equipment

Below are some reasons for downsizing 
Cost: organization can save millions of money by replacing large mainframe with a micro Computers based network that is micro hardware and software are cheaper than the older generation requirement
Range of Software: They have a wider range of software than mini or main frame computers. Theses software includes both application and programming software that help both the users and the programmers. The software’s are easy to learn compare to the earlier application.
Speed of processing: Ability to allow decentralized processing which enables Local Area Networks (L.A.N) to be faster than older generation. People within a connected system are able to share data and files within the shortest time possible hence also save time of movement of people from one building to the other
Large storage: In this type of setup both the file server and the stations have storage capabilities; this means that they can both be used for storage purposes. There are also evolving storage equipments for newer generation Computers among them are external storage devices like hard disk, storage tapes etc.
Access to database and electrical mail
The ability to access database of information and for people to communicate electronically oversea distances have also led to growth examples of information database available online are; online news, weather updates, research works, shopping portals among others

Resources SharingThis is the ability to share resources. People on the network are able to share application software and can also share hardware devices to reduce the cost of equipment and software devices acquisitions. The resources can be placed on one centralized place that any person in need of these resources will have easy access to them.

Evolution of Communication StandardsThis is the movement towards networking standards. These standards enable communication between different types of Computers. As the standards evolve communication becomes much simpler, error detection and elimination is done much faster and end users are able to get right data. The new standard also helps increase network performance speeds hence saving time on standard communication



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