Monday, February 8, 2016

Factors to Consider When Choosing Magnetic Tape Backup Disk

There are so many factors to consider when selecting the type of magnetic backup, they may directly or indirectly depend on the users and expertise you have in your organization. You will consider factors such the speed, the higher the speed the better and this will reduce time wasting and writing of data will be achieved faster. Other factors organization should consider are

Multiple server backups
Although this would cost you more money to purchase but as an organization you may decide to source for backup agent software, these software increase or aid the speed at which data is being processed and as a result they reduce time taken to save the entire network data
You may need to consider backup agent software to allow a backup to complete in a timely fashion over a network.
Database server: You will most certainly need to find a backup agent to manage the database files so your backup can store this critical data.
Nontechnical personnel: You may need to document and set a simple rotation schedule so someone onsite can follow instructions on tape management. You can also use an auto loader that only needs to be swapped once per week with new tapes.
Large amounts of data: You may need to select an auto loader to provide the appropriate capacity to manage full backups. You may also need to evaluate the connectivity of the backup system to provide the backup function in a timely manner. Full backup over a network from a large capacity file server may exceed the time available for performing the backup.
Long-term data storage: Some industries require the storage of data for a long period of time. In this case, you may want to select a rotation strategy such as Grandfather, Father, Son or Tower of Hanoi. These provide for much longer rotation schedules.
Small work group: In the case where your small office has no designated server, you'll only be backing up data across the network for the office to a single workstation with an attached tape drive. You may want to consider a simple rotation with full backups every night, assuming the tape media has the capacity to do so. You may also want to run a Round-Robin rotation over two or more weeks. This will provide adequate data protection over a mid-range length of time. Consider doing a monthly backup to store data for longer term.

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