Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How to Solve Laptop Lights Flashing Without Spending Cash

Laptop light flashing is a beep code indicating that a basic function of a Laptop is unable to start. These basic functions including and not limited to memory reading, video displaying, reading information from the hard drive among others. There are several causes of Laptop light flashing and are of different nature depending on the Laptop being used but the most common problems are associated with memory and heat related failures arising from the build up of dust in Laptop critical cooling areas. As a user you need to know how to handle your Laptop when experiencing Laptop light flashing, and before you call your technician check the following areas. Dust Removal from cooling areas This step is necessary for an old Laptop that may have accumulated too much dust, new Laptops may not have much dust and hence it isn't necessary to check for accumulated dust. Cooling areas are found at the back of your Laptop next to ports, with time Laptops collect dust on the cooling vents, as dust accumulates blocking airflow causing sensitive components to overheat resulting into Laptop light flashing. Use a dust blower to remove dust on the sensitive components. It’s advisable to wear eye and nose protective gear when removing the dust. After dust removal restarts your laptop to check if the problem still persists. Carry out a power reset if the above solution failed and you are still experiencing Laptop light flashing, and to carry out power reset the following have to be done. Remove or disconnect all Computer peripheral devices such as media cards, printers, scanner and storage devices connected to the Laptop, disconnect the Laptop AC power adapter and remove the laptop battery. Once the battery is removed, press and hold the Power button for at least 20 seconds. Without inserting battery back to its slot reconnect the AC power adapter and turn on the power button. After this process is finished and your Laptop starts normally then you have solved the problem. The other problem causing Laptop light flashing is the use of counterfeit charge, check and replaces your battery charger with a genuine one purchased from authorized vendors, counterfeit chargers extremely over heat causing multiple problems to various Laptop components leading to light flashing. The simplest faster solution is to disconnect Laptop from electrical source allowing the Computer and the battery to cool down to a good temperature preferable a room temperature and then connect back the Laptop to a power source to charge the battery again. If all these instructions are followed the battery flashing problem will be solved and the above resolution methods failed, it’s advisable to return your Laptop to the vendor for further check up or replacement. To avoid this problem recurring in the future always keep your Laptop battery away from dusty Computer desk, liquid or any unwanted materials that can cause blockage to air circulation. Perform routine cleanliness of the laptop by blowing dust from the vents and any other opening that can accumulate unwanted particles.

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