Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Choose a Dell Laptop Battery

A laptop battery can simply be defined as a Computer component that collect, store and provide power internally to the laptop, its gives the laptop the ability to work without external power source. There are so many factors to consider when selecting a Dell Laptop battery, before buying any of the Dell Inspiration considers the following features.

Is the battery being replaced have the capability of working together with the Dell Inspiron 1501 or any other version that replacement battery is being sorted without any user adjustment of the laptop. Buying incompatible system will only mean that you go extra mile in adjusting and modifying the current system settings and features to be able to work fully. This will require extra cost hiring a technician to modify the settings, incompatible settings may lead to malfunction on the Dell Inspiron 1501 replacement battery and can lead to Laptop damage.

Power Consumption
When buying one of the Dell 1501 Inspiron battery check from the documentation how long it does conserve power when the main power supply is off. Battery made of Ion is known to consume a lot of energy when charging.

DurabilityHow durable is the battery being purchased, how long it will last before buying another battery. Genuine battery can only be bought from Dell authorized dealers, this will guarantee quality and long lasting battery as opposed to buying from unauthorized dealers selling at a lower price but offering substandard Laptop battery. Many people may prefer a cheaper place but this will not solve your battery issues. Spend more on quality products and get a genuine long lasting and money saving product.

Dell Inspiron 1501 adapterYou may be having a good battery but if the Dell adaptor is substandard then your battery shall not last for a long period of time, in fact it may end up destroying your newly bought battery. Check the adapter quality and ensure its support your Laptop. A faulty 1501 Adapter will over heat all the time making it uncomfortable to work with the Laptop. Ensure you get the right adapter for the laptop from any authorized sell dealer. Don’t use incompatible power adapter as this shall cause unforeseen damage to your system.

Those are some of the factors to consider when buying Dell Inspiron 1501 battery, once bought your adapter will and battery will need at most care to last for a good period of time. Avoid replacing your battery very now and then; don’t share your Dell battery with other people as this may cause incompatibility and other related fault issues. When your battery is fully charged, remove the adapter from external power source and utilized the battery power. This will help to prolong the shell life of both your Inspiron 1501 adapter, battery and the laptop. Buying any of the Laptop accessories from authorized dealers where there warrant is given and can be replaced at any time within the warrant period.

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