Thursday, February 4, 2016

Classification of Computer Networks

1.    Peer to Peer and
2.    Client Server Based

Peer to Peer Networks

Has go the following characteristics
They have no dedicated server to perform any routine work
•    No network operating system that uses a server or client
•    They comprise of less than 10 computers as many provide poor data sharing mode
•    Sharing of resources is not centrally controlled and depends on the users themselves
•    Can also be described as chaotic as there is no central management of resources and administrator
•    Each Computer in a peer to peer has enough resources to be shared in the network
•    There is no dedicated server or hierarchy among all the desktops
•    All the nodes are equal and known as servers
•    Normally each computer functions as a client or a server
•    They are very cheap to established, since they are relatively simple because each functions as both a client and a server and therefore there is no need for a powerful central server

Where to Established Peer to Peer Networks
•    The peer to peer is appropriate where there are ten or less users available
•    Where security is not an issue
•    Where users are located in the same Local Area Network
•    Where the organization will have limited growth within the foreseeable future

Factors to consider when implementing Peer to Peer
1.    Administration
The administration has the following tasks;
•    Managing users and security
•    Setting of resource sharing policies
•    Managing application and data and also sharing of resources
•    Installing and upgrading application
1.    Sharing of resources:  In a Peer to Peer Network users share their resources in any manner they
2.    Server requirement: Each computer must use a large percentage of resources to support the local users and use additional resources to support each remote user accessing his resources
3.    Security: Security consists of users setting a password on a resource such as a dictionary that is shared on the network.  All peer to peer users set their own security and share can exist on any node or system rather than the central server
4.    Training: Because any computer is a peer to peer environment can act as both a client and a server, users will have to be trained before they are able to perform these functions properly as both users and administrators


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