Sunday, February 7, 2016

Did You Know that Technology is Causing Repetitive Stress Injury

Technology has become part and parcel of our lives be it at work or home, it’s a tool to achieve certain tasks and as a result it’s being sued repetitively. As a routine we do develop either good habits or bad habits when using technological gadget whether good or bad we’re are still faced with unknown health challenges.

What is Repetitive Stress Injury
Can be defined as a disorder or a health challenge caused by exerting too much stress or pressure on our joints, in most cases RSI will vary in type and severity so scratching your airtime card everyday may put pressure on your ankle unknowingly. Now that we have a clue of what a RSI is let’s look at some of the technological causes:-

Addiction to video games
Video gaming has become a big industry with majority of user being the youths; they spend much of their time playing game s regardless of the health challenges poses by their sitting posture, Desktop Computer monitors among others. Sitting posture is one of the major causes of RSI and may lead to further health complication. Use of keyboards in a posture that causes press on our ankle will lead to Repetitive Stress Injury. To avoid RSI while playing videos we are advice to use appropriate designed Computer chairs, use mouse pad and if you can’t afford then improvised one

Other habits that can causes RSI
Many users may not realized that while using a Computer in front of you and looking at the screen sideway you are increasing changes of developing RSI, it’s advisable to look straight into the screen with your head in a stable posture, other habits that may contribute to viewing the Computer screen from the sideways are Laptop usage while sleeping on the floor or the bed.
Texting messages may seem to be a simple task but done repeatedly in the same posture may cause RSI, playing musical instruments may also lead to RSI and all depend on how you’re sitting or standing position is.

Now that you have a clue to what RSI, it’s upon you to ensure that you take the necessary precaution while using technological gadgets not to develop RSI, and always monitor how your Kids use Computers, sitting posture and time interval spend on Computer playing games or while typing. It’s look simple but could cause a major complication to your body, it can cause swelling on the lump among other parts of the joints.  

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