Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Characteristics of Computer motherboards Form Factors

Computer Motherboard Form Factors There are many different types of Computer motherboards system that one needs to know. Below are some types of Computer motherboard form factors and their characteristics Computer Motherboard form factor: 8080 This motherboard form factors has got the following characteristics that you need to know • It is a 8 bit data bus width • This motherboard factor is a 8 bit address bus with • The computer motherboard system has a speed of 2MHZ • The computer mother has 6000 transistors • The motherboard form factors is used only in the appliances Computer Motherboard 8086 • The motherboard is a 16 data bus width • The 8086 motherboard form factor is a 20 bits address bus width • The speed of the motherboard form factor is 5-10MHz • The motherboard form factor has 29000 transistors • The internal bus ran at 8 bits Computer motherboard 80286 • It is a 16 bit data bus motherboard • The form factor is a 25 bit address bus • The motherboard has a speed of 8.12MHz • This is the first computer motherboard to use PGA • The motherboard has 134000 transistors Computer 80386DDC motherboard form factor • This is a 32 bit data bus • The form factor is a 32 bit address bus • Has got a speed of 16-33MHz • The motherboard has got 257,000 Transistors 80388SX Motherboard form factor • This is a 32 bit data bus • It is a 24 bit address bus • Has got a speed of 16-20MHz • With up to 270, transistors Those are some of the characteristics of computer motherboard form factors, below are some related and helpful computer hubs to follow

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