Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Signature Line, Date & Time, Object

Signature Line - After working on your document, you have the ability to specify for the intended person to sign it by providing the Signature Line in your document, you the suggested Singer where he will write His/ Her Name i.e. John, Title i.e.
Director, Signer’s email address i.e., instruction to the Signer before his/She sign the document, then ability for the signer to add comment on the document. Check on the show Sign Date and Signature Box to enable them to appear on your Document, un checking this box will make these features not to appear on your document, once you are done with inputting the above detail click on Ok button to proceed with inserting these items or cancel to stop these operations

Date & Time – This feature allows you to insert the current Date and Time in your current document, click on the Date and Time from the Insert Tool bar Ribbon, which will provide you with Available Format, Language and Update Automatically features to provide round the clock update of your document Date and Time. You can select on Default Format to be your Date and Time format that will be appearing on your document whenever you select this feature

Object – With are able to insert embedded objects from other programs to your current document, they can either be text or pictures from files. You can Create a new Object or From an existing location

The figure above shows how to insert Signature Line, Date and Time and Object function to your current document. Our last lesson in Insert Menu is on how to use Symbols and Equation
Using Symbol and Equation

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Andrea said...

Thanks for explaining all these three utilities that are very helpful. You have also posted an image to explain how to add all these three in a Word document. I will try to execute the same.
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