Friday, December 26, 2008

Lesson 3: Office Button

On the menu bar tab, click on the office button icon, to open button drop down menu, which has got the following features

a) New – This opens a new Microsoft page

b) Open – This will open the existing files and folders

c) Convert – This will revert the document to earlier version i.e. if you saved your documents to be convertible with 97-2003, then clicking on this dialogue box will change it to Microsoft 2007 version

d) Save, Save As – enables you to store your documents either on removable disks or fixed disk

e) Print – helps print the document on the hard copy i.e. paper

f) Prepare – enables you perform functions such as document editing, check documents for errors, document encryption, adding a digital signature, can make read only and Check if it is compatible with other formats

g) Send – Can send your document to internet, email and Bluetooth

h) Publish – Publish as a final document

i) Close – to exit your document Working Window

NB: In the sub sequent chapters I have explained all the above office menu in details and I hope you will find them useful

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